Is an Allowance Spoiling Your Kids?


Teaching Personal Finance to Your Little Ones

When it comes to whether or not you should give your child an allowance, parents’ beliefs are all over the spectrum. Some believe an allowance is the only way to teach your child about responsible spending while others claim that an allowance will spoil your child. Who is right? Is an allowance spoiling your kids? (more…)

Kids and Road Trips- A Sanity Saving Guide for Traveling Parents

Vacations are a prime opportunity for making family memories; unfortunately those memories aren’t always the ones we want to make. Kids have a special talent for taking a scenic drive and turning it into something straight out of a horror movie: fighting over who gets to sit by the window, begging (make that pleading like life depends on it) for over-priced gas station treats, and a never ending chorus of, “Are we there yet?” Road trips with kids can be hard, but they don’t have to be torture. With these sanity saving tips you hit the road with confidence and enjoy your next vacation.  (more…)