Home Décor Ideas- 5 Blogs Filled with Inspiration

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Some people have an eye for design, though I must admit I do not. When it comes to choosing my home décor, I need inspiration, a lot of it. Luckily there are many great home design bloggers to rescue those of us that are design challenged. 


Here are 5 of my favorite home design blogs. Head on over and get some great inspiration for your home!

The Lettered Cottage

Great photography is key for a home décor blog and The Lettered Cottage won’t disappoint. The blog is written by Kevin and Layla Palmer, a talented husband and wife design team. One of my favorite features on this blog is a little series known as Pick My Presto. Readers submit pictures of problem areas in their home for a Photoshop makeover. This series gives great ideas and shows how much difference a simple change can make in your home.

Tatertots and Jello

Do you love making crafts for your home? You’ll love Tatertots and Jello! This blog features tutorials and crafting ideas most days. Whether you need a new throw pillow, some DIY art for your walls or something else, you’ll find the inspiration you need here. The tutorials are really clear and easy to follow, making it possible for even an amateur crafter like me to create stunning pieces for my home. If you think DIY isn’t for you, read Tatertots and Jello and think again.


Great home décor can easily cost thousands or tens of thousands. If you don’t have room in your budget for designer pieces it can be frustrating to browse home design sites online. Luckily Shanty2 Chic comes to the rescue as the sister design team works to turn their homes into beautiful places on a budget. The writing style is welcoming and inviting and the money saving tips can’t be beat. When I need affordable design inspiration I head to their project gallery and browse through the hundreds of pictures until I find the perfect fit.

A Way to Garden

Don’t forget your garden in your home design plans. A Way to Garden will help you transform your outdoors in to a beautiful retreat. This blog is filled with inspiration, troubleshooting tips for those problem plants and great gardening ideas. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to get out there and weed!

Young House Love

Finding the balance between beautiful design and functionality is especially important when kids live in the home. Young House Love is an inspiring blog that showcases the design journey of one young family. This site combines practical home design advice with great tips and adorable kiddos. It’s a must read for any design lovers with kids in the home.

Whether you are design challenged or a DIY expert these home design blogs will help you create the space of your dreams by providing tips and inspiration every day of the week.

Do you have any favorite design blogs? Where do you turn for inspiration?

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