Should You Buy Mortgage Origination and Discount Points?


When you purchase your first home, you will be inundated with terms you may find difficult to understand. This is not your fault. The American educational system—even at the collegiate level—is woefully deficient when it comes to preparing us for real-world financial situations.  (more…)

Refinancing Nation – Why are Homeowners Refinancing?


Refinancing your mortgage is a lot like trading in a car – you’re looking for something better, but also don’t want to get ripped off.  And, just as the economy affects the demand, supply, and prices of new and used cars, so it is with home refinances, with such things as financial institutions’ willingness to lend, market demand for interest bearing assets, home owner confidence in their expected income streams and desired spending patterns all affecting the strength of the market. (more…)

What to Expect When You Apply for your First Home Mortgage

The first time you buy a home can be intimidating. You are entering into a new realm of responsibility. For many, it is the transition from young adulthood to full adulthood. There are many aspects of home ownership that make people nervous, but for many first time homebuyers, applying for a loan is the most intimidating. Looking for your first house is fun, but going in front of a loan officer isn’t how most people would choose to spend a Thursday afternoon. (more…)